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The Chemist

July 20, 2018

The Chemist

Kat has just finished a brilliant exposé and is looking for her next big headline, but unfortunately, she’s getting a lot of crank calls. When she gets a call from a man, who calls himself The Chemist, who tells her he knows where there’s a body she almost writes him off as just another one. However, her gut instinct tells her she should see for herself—and her gut is never wrong. Despite being told that he will be watching her, Kat goes to an abandoned building in the Bronx. There she finds the body of a young woman who died a cruel and horrifying death. But the medical examiner is puzzled as to the cause of her demise. When a police Detective is put in charge of the case he makes it his priority to keep Kat safe, whether she likes it or not. Then she gets another call, and this time she risks her life. What is killing these women? How far will she go to get her story and what will be the price? And can the Detective save her from the man who might push her too far and cause her to lose her sanity? Will that be enough, or will she also pay with her life?

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