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Fire Wolf

Fire Wolf, Book 1 of the Hunters of Evil paranormal fantasy series, is at my editors. Since she is working with other clients, she must delay her critiquing and editing until the end of December. Because she involves her authors in the process, it takes four months to complete the project. The expected publication date is April 2023.

Book Description

They have one chance to kill the demon lord... Or die trying.

Clandestine hunters Rayne Parker and her partner Liam are experts at killing the supernatural. But when they’re tasked with taking down the infamous demon Marchosias, the Marquis of Hell, the pair must travel back in time to the moment when he’s at his weakest. There’s only one catch: they’ll both lose their memories. Due to circumstances the director and ancient witch cannot divulge information concerning the reason for such a drastic measure.

With no other choice, Rayne and Liam are catapulted into 1990s America, where they have one chance to kill the demon lord before it’s too late. Struggling to remember their mission and dragged into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with life-threatening consequences, Rayne and Liam must unravel the secrets behind Marchosias and learn how they can destroy him.

But killing the Marquis of Hell is no easy task. Rayne is desperate not to put her loved ones in danger, but it may already be too late. The fate of the world is in her hands – and if she succeeds and stops him, it may cost Rayne her life.

As a dark and thrilling urban fantasy novel that draws on real-life demonology from the 1500s, the first book in the Hunters of Evil series is an action-packed supernatural thrill ride that’s perfect for fans of authors including Andrzej Sapkowski and Jim Butcher.

Splintered Reality

book Description

Trapped in hell...

Author Stephanie Colbert recounts the true story of the horror she endured after waking up from a coma. The vivid nightmares, delusions, paranoia, and other psychotic episodes left her trapped in a world that threatened her sanity

He fought desperately to save her...

Even though Stephanie didn’t know her husband, Quinton, and accused him of being an imposter, he stayed by her bedside every waking moment as he struggled to help her find her way back to reality. It was the toughest battle he’d ever fought, as he feared he’d lost his beloved wife forever.

Don't miss this gripping story...

Someone plagiarized this novella in its entirety in paperback format. I published an ebook. Even the title remained the same, but he added a subtitle. After a lengthy, tiring battle with Amazon, they removed the paperback and banned the person.

Romance Kills


Three Romance Novelists were brutally murdered by a “Heartless” serial killer

Three private investigators meet in colorful, eccentric New Orleans and join forces as they try to stop a sadistic killer, whose victims all die after being stabbed through the heart. Why romance novelists? Has the killer been hurt by someone he loved?

It's a race against time...

They must stop this madman before he strikes again! But are they willing to risk their own lives to do so?

I wrote this novella with two other authors, Schuyler Pulliam and Rebecka Jäger. I met them at an on-line workshop, and we hit it off. It was a fantastic experience. Rebecka became my critique partner and dear friend.

Quest of Kanju

Book 2 in the Hunters of Evil

Book Description

Rayne faces her biggest challenge when Liam disappears before her eyes. The only one that can help her rescue Liam is a legendary hunter who doesn’t want to be found.