New Projects-Three Writers

My recent projects have been delayed, as I have teamed up with two incredible writers–Rebecka J├Ąger and Schuyler Pulliam, to produce a short story, Romance Kills, and a novel, The Conjurer of Evil. Each story is written from three points of view, something almost unheard of, and requires the three of us to work harmoniously together. Romance Kills is the story of three private investigators who work together to solve the brutal murders of romance novelists. It’s written tongue-in-cheek and has been a lot of fun to write. It will be released soon on Amazon and I will post the date. Don’t miss out on this incredible, fast-moving story, that will keep you guessing!

Conjuror of Evil is a complex tale of otherworldly powers used for evil, and the three generations of women who fight to destroy the demon responsible for countless horrendous deaths. The story begins during World War II, and Rebecka uses her knowledge and expertise to create a realistic portrayal of this unfathomable era–one filled with tragedy and terror. Her character, Elli Becker, pays a terrible price during her quest to stop Marchosias, the powerful demon summoned by a man who brought him into the world in order to do his bidding. But his plan fails and Marchosias is let loose and begins his reign of terror that spans continents.

Schuyler continues this tale as Charlotte Becker, daughter of Elli, and has become a hard-core hunter, tracking and killing monsters and demons as she continues the quest for Marchosias. He proves to be elusive and she becomes obsessed, determined to put an end to him, even after the birth of her daughter.

My character, Rayne Parker, was raised by Elli, a woman who battles her inner demons but does her best to raise her only grandchild. Rayne has turned her back on the world in which she doesn’t believe. Unfortunately, she cannot escape its grip when tragedy strikes. Many truths are revealed to Rayne, truths she cannot face without having her world destroyed. The culmination of a battle that three generations have faced will leave you breathless.

The Everything Private Investigation Book

I am currently learning how to be a private investigator for the third book in my Steele Resolve Series, Dimensional Suspect. Amanda and Rocky will face new challenges as they are dealing with impossible cases and must learn how to solve them. The mysterious death of a woman’s whose blood had turned to oil, that has the police baffled. The Young woman who’s convinced her husband is trying to kill–even though she has no proof. And the woman who’s convinced her husband is cheating on her. And that’s just the beginning!


I’m busy doing research for my new book, Cornerstone. I’ve been reading a book that is written for writers “Howdunit Book of Police Procedure and Investigation.” I’m learning a lot of interesting facts regarding what most police officers and detectives must know, along with as the title says, procedure. Although it’s dry in places the author, Lee Lofland does his best to lighten things up and sometimes tells hilarious true stories. It’s amazing to read the really dumb things that people do and say that lead to their arrests. One thing I learned is that the only information that you’re required to give are: name, address, and SSN. Don’t volunteer anything else whether you’re guilty of anything or not. People tend to be nervous around the police and will slip up and say things they shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect the police. After everything I’ve read about the tortuous training they go through and the dangerous situations they are faced with on a daily basis I admire anyone who can wear the badge. I’ve just reached the part that I’m not just reading, but also studying, about how detectives conduct investigations. It has little resemblance to what you see on TV. Wish me

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