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Dream Big!


Do you have a bucket list? Everyone should have one because it will help us identify our dreams and goals that we want to fulfill before we die. Start one now if you haven’t already. If you’re unsure about how many to include, some say fifty, while others one-hundred or more, but ultimately it’s your choice. There are even online sites to help, such as Sometimes our goals seem unobtainable for different reasons, money, time, health. But don’t let them stop you. Pick three goals at a time, but don’t let that keep you from fulfilling other goals If you [...]

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Something Fun!


I’m attaching an image, and the goal is to find out what emotions it invokes. Does it frighten you, are you curious? Use the contact form to tell me and I will create a page posting the best results. I’m going to include fun contests, along with my serious posts. Have fun!

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