When it’s okay to tell instead of show


When it’s okay to tell instead of show in writing. Writers hear show don’t tell until it reaches a point where they are unsure what to do. But there are times when it’s a good idea. When is it okay? 5 Instances When You Need To Tell (And Not Show) To connect scenesand/or gloss over unnecessary conversations.  Sometimes you need to make your readers comfortable with a brief transition that lets them know where they are in the story. The characters might have traveled to another city or moved to a different room. Or a short period of time might have passed. Example: [...]

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The Importance of Authenticity in Writing


  When I write, I aim for as much authenticity as possible. To accomplish that goal, I spend a lot of time researching. It certainly slows down the writing process, but I believe it’s worth every lost night I’ve spent. In one of my reviews for The Chemist: A Psychological Thriller, I was complimented for that. Rebecka Jager, my co-author of Conjuror of Evil, and, along with Schuyler Pulliam, Romance Kills, are also determined to use as much authenticity as possible. Read the last chapter of Romance Kills if in doubt. It’s apparent Rebecks wanted it to sound realistic when she [...]

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Believable Dialogue


As writers, we often hear “Show Don’t Tell.” And what better way to do so than through realistic dialogue? By realistic I don’t mean the way most people speak, which sounds contradictory I know. But who wants to read the “umms” and “ers” that are used often in everyday conversations? As a youth, I spent much enjoyable time in Italy visiting close relatives. It wasn’t a family meal unless shouting matches occurred, and although no one ever appeared to care who won, I often wondered what the point was. I mean, who knew what the hell the others were saying? Besides [...]

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