I’m busy doing research for my new book, Cornerstone. I’ve been reading a book that is written for writers “Howdunit Book of Police Procedure and Investigation.” I’m learning a lot of interesting facts regarding what most police officers and detectives must know, along with as the title says, procedure. Although it’s dry in places the author, Lee Lofland does his best to lighten things up and sometimes tells hilarious true stories. It’s amazing to read the really dumb things that people do and say that lead to their arrests. One thing I learned is that the only information that you’re required to give are: name, address, and SSN. Don’t volunteer anything else whether you’re guilty of anything or not. People tend to be nervous around the police and will slip up and say things they shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect the police. After everything I’ve read about the tortuous training they go through and the dangerous situations they are faced with on a daily basis I admire anyone who can wear the badge. I’ve just reached the part that I’m not just reading, but also studying, about how detectives conduct investigations. It has little resemblance to what you see on TV. Wish me

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I love to read but my true passion is writing. There are few things better than enjoying the quiet of the night while putting my thoughts down as I explore my latest idea.

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