Guest Author Spotlight Callie Sutcliffe

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Callie's book

Callie Sutcliffe

Callie Sutcliffe lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and five-year daughter, who has been her inspiration to go after her dreams after diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome as an infant. Having always loved to write, Calle Sutcliffe has embarked on her new journey as an author to encourage her daughter to always chase after her dreams and to never give up.

Callie received her degree in Education at Texas Woman’s University, but has put that aside to become a full-time wife and mother, and now author. She’s addicted to books, coffee, and Hallmark movies. When she’s not busy writing or advocating for her daughter, she attempts to be creative in the kitchen and cook meals that are both delicious and healthy.

Right now, Callie is busy launching her first book in her new series called, Finding You Again. Book one is about a mother/wife who has been through ringer and life has brought her to her knees. Needing to escape, she runs away from city life in Boston and stumbles into a small town that changes her life. She finds herself and finds healing while her marriage seems to be falling apart. Will things work out for them in the end?

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