A driven reporter. A streetwise detective. Together, can they stop one of the deadliest serial killers in history?
Reporter Katherine “Kat” Hope has always been driven by one thing . . . the hunt for the next big story. Friends, loved ones . . . her relationships always seem to suffer. Instead, Kat fills her time tracking down leads and fielding calls from the wackos and nutjobs she meets in her investigations . . . Then she got a call from The Chemist. When a man calling himself The Chemist tells her he knows the location of a missing woman’s body, Kat is tempted to write him off as just another crank call. But something about this mysterious caller’s voice triggers her reporter instincts. And when she visits the Bronx address he gives her, she finds the woman’s corpse right where he told her it would be . . . The police can’t stop him. “Tell no one,” the mysterious voice says. “I’ll be watching.” But when Kat reports her macabre discovery to the police, Detective Dante Russo is assigned to the case, and he becomes protective of her. When another victim is discovered, the two of them work together to unravel a web of secrets, lies, and murder. And as the pair become romantically involved, The Chemist plots his most diabolical crime yet . . . Murder is a game. Kat soon learns that The Chemist has been playing cat and mouse with her all along. And despite Detective Russo’s warnings, she knows she is the only one who can bring an end to the killer’s deranged game of death. When she uncovers a secret that could reveal The Chemist’s identity, Kat must decide for herself . . . How far is she willing to go to get her story? And what price is she willing to pay? Fans of Leslie Wolfe, David Baldacci, and Melinda Leigh will devour this intense psychological thriller. The Chemist has the formula for non-stop, white-knuckle twists and turns . . . Read it today.