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Claude Bornél de Faria

Unfolded Writings

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Claude Bornel is passionate about writing since his childhood. The passion shaped him into a journalist and now an author who loves to explore relationships in his short stories.

Michael McShane

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Michael is a former information systems engineer. He writes technical and historical fiction and is working on several novels. One involves python and a global conspiracy. He and his wife reside in Southern California.

Michael Calder


Michael Calder

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Michael Calder is a poet and writer, published and publisher. Currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing in the UK, whilst project managing the launch of a short story collection for Spectral Visions Press. He says its a tough life being a writer, so he’d definitely recommend it just to see you struggle.


Schuyler Pulliam

Schuyler Pullam

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Schuyler Pulliam was born Ashley Skye Pulliam in her hometown of San Angelo, TX. From a child to her teenage years, she was always writing and creating hordes of stories just for the passion of it. After the death of her father, Dennis Pulliam, Schuyler went on a personal quest of self-discovery to find the passion that she had once lost. Knowing she had always loved art, she continued her education in the field of graphic design where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Angelo State University. Upon graduation, she took on several freelance jobs, but found that the passion she once had was no longer within her. One day, several years later, she rekindled the flame through writing groups and exercises. Delving deep into the world of writing, taking course after course and learning about what it takes to become a self-publisher, Schuyler finally felt the passion coming back – the passion she had been searching for. Thus began her writing career, taking what was once a passion, reigniting it, and setting forth into the blaze.

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Amber Linn Wyss

Amber Linn Wyss

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Amber Linn Wyss is a mother of three and a long time writer. I have an English degree from the University of Washington, with a specialty in creative writing. I didn’t use it for anything serious, for a long time, but recently got the itch to write a novel. In August I knocked out my 52,000 word YA manuscript, called Phoenix Rising, and have spent the last few months editing, pitching and working with Beta Readers. I formed this group in hopes of reaching other aspiring authors like myself. I think we can all benefit from sharing our ups and downs, our gathered tribal knowledge and our support through critiques and this community. I’m currently working on my second novel and looking for representation for my first.


Susan Liddle

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Susan Liddle lives in Ottawa, Canada, and has been playing with language as an editor and translator for decades. In the early mornings she hugs her coffee cup and writes short stories, works on her first novel, and blogs about finding the good at


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