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“ It's nice to see such a strong heroine. This book will keep you guessing until the end.”
The Hunter Will You Be Next?
“Charles Cooper gave it 5 stars. It was amazing!”
The Hunter Will You Be Next?
“Stephanie Colbert’s The Hunter is a thrill ride of a story. Ms Colbert’s protagonist is a strong willed smart and sexy writer who must solve a savage mystery while battling foes from inside. The small community of Boot Hill will never be the same. Stephanie Colbert has written a masterful novel of suspense that grabs you and refuses to let you go. I highly recommend The Hunter. Michael McShane”
The Hunter is a Pulse Pounding Thrillride!
“ I was hooked from beginning to end always at the edge of my seat. Highly recommend this book!!! Pontiacgirl78”
The Chemist: A Psychological Thriller
“This was an extremely difficult book to read. Not because it isn’t well written but because it’s a very personal book. It is indeed not about mental illness as Ms. Colbert states but I believe it’s about an extremely resilient woman who suffers through 21:years of hospitalizations, family tribulations and a struggle to find the right medications to help her. Ms. Colbert has crafted a testament to one amazing individual who never quits. By the time you get to the end, you are rooting for Susan. From personal experience, suicide is NOT a cowardly act but the result of brain chemistry. No more, no less. I am thankful Ms. Colbert worked so hard with this story. It needed to be told. I highly recommend A Twisted Wisdom. It is a well written masterpiece. Michael McShane”
A Twisted Wisdom: Who Can You Trust?
“Janet A Gottshall on Goodreads gave Secret of Lost Creek 5 stars it was amazing”
Secret of Lost Creek
“A psychological thriller with twists and turns that left me guessing until the very end. A must read! Jason Fletcher”
The Chemist – A Psychological Thriller
“Larry Olson on Goodreads gave it 5 stars”
A Twisted Wisdom
“A think this book is a wake up call for people about the mentally ill. It shows how they have to struggle to keep life going. We are all so close to having the same problems. We all feel the same st times in our lives. We also all struggle with our problems daily. The medications have come a long way to help but not our society who seems to not care they are on the streets struggling! It shows what the support of a family can do to help also. Rita J. Spratlen”
A Twisted Wisdom – Who Can You Trust?
“A remarkable story about a remarkable woman. It’s amazing how much she endures yet comes out stronger. Jennifer Estrada”
A Twisted Wisdom – Who Can You Trust?
“A real eye opener. Very well written. Jason Fletcher”
A Twisted Wisdom – Who Can You Trust?

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